Alice in Wonderland

The series of illustrations for Lewis Carroll work “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” contains illustrations each of which is a full-scale and story complete picture. 

Белая королева

Alice and the White Queen (digit painting)

White Queen: “The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today”.

Alice: “It must come sometimes to ‘jam today’ ”.

White Queen: “No, it can’t”.


Humpty Dumpty (chessman – Black Rook) (digit painting)

Река-пейзаж-с-Овцой Alice and the Sheep in the boat in  on a river in the cell D-5 (digit painting)

“Why do you say ‘Feather’ so often?” Alice asked at last, rather vexed. “I am not a bird!”

“You are,” said the Sheep: “you are a little goose.”

Мир Зазеркалья

The World of Through the Looking-Glass (digit painting)


            The Wood Without Names (digit painting)

… wood … it looked much darker than the last wood … Alice … for certainly won’t go back

Красная Королева

Alice and Red Queen (digit painting)

At the next peg the Queen turned again, and said: “Speak in French when you ca’n’t think of the English for a thing – turn out your toes as you walk – and remember who are!”


Castle in the cell D-8 (digit painting)