Chess and Runes

Series Chess of Marina Valuyskaya and Runes


I created four sets of chess and used them for these compositions.


 The newest series of my works is called “Nine-dimensional Universe on the chessboard”. It reflects a world that was created by intersection of two symbol systems, namely chess and runes. This series is based on German-Scandinavian mythology. The mythology is about God Odin and nine Worlds of the Universe that reflect not only an outer world, but also an inner state of a man, his value system and desires. The paintings are accompanied with my verses of skaldic type of poetry.


There are nine worlds of the Universe before us.

And Odin hears our desires:

Odin is one of us.

He obtained wisdom with a great price.

He lightened the way for us.

He is walking with us through the ice and the fire

To the secret depths and to the discovery peaks…

Will you be able to cognize

The nine worlds that are dimensions of the Universe?

You were given a chance after all

From Odin who is one of us.



The chaos of movement…

The orders of heaven…

Do the plains hear it?

Do the mountains see it?

What if the victory was achieved at the cost of dishonour?

What if the crowns shine with blood spots?

Does it have any value? Or is it junk?



There are good (weal) and sorrow in the fire dancing.

Huge thurs can do a lot.

But when mind is melted it becomes uncontrollable.

Namely it sculpts (models) monsters and burns stems

And suddenly the gold that you hold in your hand begins to boil …

Will you desire that kind of reward

When an obstacle becomes a pile of ashes?



In the world of shadows and cold mists

Your thoughts and plans are chained with ice.

A frozen moment became Eternity

And water softness metamorphosed into (turned into) metal hardness.


There are alternatives in the world of events.

There are as many of them as different ideas there.

(There are as many alternatives as different ideas in the world of events.)

The changing of masks and the thickening of colours

Became more contrast as years go by and became quicker as centuries passing by!

But what makes us to recur

Using images of different times and people?



The power of intelligence and imagination,

The blue sky and the fire of thought

Will show the way into another reality.

And what kind of reality will it be?



A moment of being in Alfheim is

A happy insight.

The lighting of truth illuminated a face in there.

It’s hard to keep it in hand,

One thousand volt is a great power.

What should be down?

Should one try to catch a moment?

Or should he remember the picture better?



If the Sun of the Mind doesn’t shy,

Then Moon Ray becomes a guide in the darkness.

The subconsciousness world is full of riddles and

Countless riches,

But… they are all hidden.



Hel lies impossibly deep.

Hel is situated in the lowest place. Will never get out.

It’s the stop. That’s all. For how long?

It’s forever. Only the Gods

Will help to come back to Midgard.



If you catch Valkyrie’s fancy

Consider you have received an invitation to Asgard.

What is there? Nobody returned from there.

Maybe it’s Heaven or maybe it’s…


A Midgard-Asgard way riddle

 Edda’s view at the Universe is clear.

Worlds of the Universe are connected with Yggdrasil.

It is a Great Ash Tree

Which branches are swayed

By winds of Asgard that  is the World of Gods.

Midgard is the world of humans.

The way from Midgard to Asgard lies

Across the Rainbow Bridge.

That way is very complicate one.

It is guarded by giant named Heimdallr.

He is never asleep.

He can watch despite darkness.

He can even hear

A growth of fleece.

So how could a man get over

The way from Midgard to Asgard?

Because your breath and heart beat

Will betray you.

But being without them

Means only a highway to the Niflheimr.

It’s the Yggdrasil roots’ place

That is the Land of the Dead.

It’s so hard to get free,

But the one who will cognize

The Great Mystery

And the Great Intricacy

Will be able to see

An earing of rye

That rose from ashes

In the unsown places.

And courage Vikings

Who are resigned to their Fate

Will return to life again

And evil will become good.