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Valuiska M. Invaluable  world of Marina Valuiska  MarValu: digit painting, oil painting, sculpture, photo impromptu / text of M. Valuiska. – transl. by Engl. Lukash A. – 52 p.  ISBN 978-617-669-003-0

The book includes texts in Russian and authentic translation into English.
This issue gives the reader an opportunity to get acquainted with works of Marina Valuiska as a representative of the modern art. The author works both with traditional technique of oil painting, and with using of high technology devices by creating of works of computer art in the fantasy style. Furthermore, she created the illustrations for the book by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” as well as photoimpromptus means photocomposition using digital image processing copyright sculptures and chess. Several works contain brief author s comments that illustrate the author’s understanding of world.
The book is intended for a wide range of readers that are interested in modern art, as well as the possibilities of using of computer image processing.

© M. Valuiska


The series “Nine-dimensional Universe on the chessboard” published in the form of cards.

Size cards:

«Midgard», «Asgard», «Hel», «Svartalfheim», «Alfheim», «Jotunheim», «Vanaheim», «Niflheim», «Muspelheim»146 х108 mm.


 Size cards:

«A Midgard-Asgard way riddle»,  «Odin»   – 222 х152 mm.