Still lifes in the style of the Litho-art

“Litho-art” series contains the paintings which idea is to show the interconnection and interflow of animate and inanimate nature, namely flowers and stones. 

   Pearl Tree of Life (digit painting)

According to the ancient Chinese legend, one hermit decided to fight Pearl Tree of Life from evil spirits and give it to all people. This Tree gives its owner an eternal life. But evil spirits had a dirty fighting: they revived all their kinsmen by Pearl Tree.

When hermit realized it, he took away this Tree, covered it by his cloak and continued fighting by using this Tree as a weapon. After victory hermit uncovered Tree and he saw that it turned into the pearl dust because of strokes. Then he took a pinch of this dust and became undying man; the rest dust he blew sky-high. After that time this dust is carrying above the Earth; and a person, who find it, will get immortality.

Dandelions (digit painting)

Chrysanthemum (digit painting)

Hydrangea (digit painting)

Arrowwood (Christmas Morning) (digit painting)

The Thunder-storm in July (digit painting)

Roses of Wonderland (digit painting)