Oil painting

Nugget 2013, oil on  canvas  60х80

Sometimes when we tell about our incautious desires

We get a nugget.

But you should look more closely,

Because the wings are chained by golden metal

And immovable.

And you shouldn’t expect the wings will help

On the verge of abyss or among the cliffs.


Rain of Aquamarine 2013, oil on  canvas  103х77

Precious  Tulips 2013, oil on  canvas  81х77

Pulse of Crystal 2014, oil on  canvas 103х77

Nebula of Rosehip 2013, oil on  canvas  100х62


Precious Buldenezh 2013, oil on  canvas 76х79

Roses of Wonderland 2013, oil on  canvas 100х72

Yellow Roses 2012, oil on  canvas  80х60 


Blue Serpent 2014, oil on  canvas   117х104


Tea-Rose 2013, oil on   hardboard   25х29

Ametrine Rose 2013, oil on   hardboard   25х29

White Rose 2013, oil on   hardboard   25х29


Crystal  of Autumn 2013, oil on  canvas  76х79


Precious Rain 2013, oil on  canvas   49х83


Viburnum in winter and spring 2012, oil on  canvas  70х70

Look at the stars out of the ground 2014, oil on  canvas    81х77

Morning-glory: thoughts of spring in Christmas 2012, oil on  canvas  40х50

Свет и вода как конструктор

Light  and water as a constructor 2011, oil on  canvas   40х40

Песок и вода как конструктор (живопись маслом)

Sand and wateras as a constructor 2011, oil on  canvas  40х40

Триединство( живопись маслом)

Triunity 2011, oil on  canvas   40х60