World of fantasy

Chess Keeper (digit painting)

It is very often we compare life with chess game. Why not? Probably, we are playing new game every day: we win, we lose, we play a drawn game? Perhaps, we are different chessmen every day or we choose only one piece once and forever. Angel perchs himself on the chess board; he is turning over the book of game of chess … or book of life?

 Mate! (digit painting)

Here it is, joyous moment of victory! White King lost after the master’s command. Red Queen’s sole triumphs over a defeated enemy!

Kaiss’s Metamorphosis (digit painting)

Kaiss Goodness had a capacity to unite flame of Fire and freshness of Water in her nature. She turned it into aerial rainbow. She created the new world, where it is so easy to confuse water and stone, stone and flower, stone and … White Queen. And only very careful, attentive observer can see the Truth.

The road to Infinity (digit painting)

Sometimes they say that life is very similar to zebra: there are white and black stripes. Although, probably, life is like a chess board, when you can move not only as a pawn? And what is “Road to infinity”? Is it a snail that is crawling There or a Butterfly that is flying From There?

Element of Air – Inspiration (digit painting)

Inspiration does not have borders. It is directed towards stars; it fills spaces by putting life into inanimate objects, carrying other Elements with it.

   Element Fire – Catharsis (digit painting)

Fire is very similar to Air: it is very winged and indefatigable. Although Fire is more material: it cannot live without Air, it does not have an opportunity go away from Earth. Its scope is clouds. It moves to the West and it is transforming all obsolete into new “construction materials”. Just after Fire goes Water by restoring everything to life.

 Element of Water – Renaissance (digit painting)

Ray of light, reflection of Fire gave the beginning of new life by lighting of drop of Water. Water kept and saved new life very carefully by touching Earth and breathing Air. 


 Element of Earth – Regularity (digit painting)

Somebody must be the base and to keep an order in this world: Fire is cooled by Water, Air is not only tending to stars, but filling lungs of all live creatures … And somebody keeps order by dreaming about stars …


  Element of Metal – Metamorphose (digit painting)

Cold rigidity and heated mildness, strange changing of the shape and beauty of underground world are waiting for their big time patiently to transform itself and modify the world.


  Four Elements (digit painting)

Imaginative collaboration of Elements as a constructor creates a Valuable World that is Our World!

Marvel for Mary (digit painting)

Marvel for Mary (fragment)

It is devoted to the whole creation. On the 4th of October it was the first time World Animal Day celebration. All over the world the day of the 4th of October is the Day of Francis of Assisi as patron saint of animals. It is celebrated since 1931. There are a lot of masses in Christian churches for health of the whole creation.

There are five Christian saints that are patron saint of animals. Among them are: Sergiy Radonegskiy (on the right top), Saint Herasim Pustinnik (on the right bottom). Then Saint Francisk Assizckiy, Saint Seraphim Sarovskiy are RTL clockwise; there is Saint Antoniy Velikiy on the left top. There is three-cornered nimbus on the top in the center. It is the Symbol of God.

   Prayer for health (digit painting)

Everything is connected in our valuable world. All alive aspires Light and is waiting for health and prosperity from it.

   Dawn (digit painting)

   Elfs Values (digit painting)

    MUSIC of the Universe OR how the MUSICIAN becomes free

(digit painting)

Person of art – as a musician or actor, poet or painter – brings Light to the world with many problems by mind and capacities that were given to him/her from above. Person flows together the Universe by the radiating of Light. He/she becomes the Universe by his/herself.